Catholic Priest

Joseph F. Meighan

Diocese: Diocese of Scranton

From Report I of the 40th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:

In 1970, at least four boys were interviewed by the Diocese of Scranton and reported that Father Joseph F. Meighan had disrobed and fondled them. Meighan was transferred and ordered to report for psychological evaluation and treatment.

In 1990, a mother observed Meighan in the process of disrobing her 17-year-old son in the parlor of the rectory.  Meighan thereafter resigned as pastor at St. Therese and was again sent for psychological evaluation and treatment. After he was released, he was assigned to Holy Family Residence.  He was then transferred to Mercy Center.  The father of one of the victims protested this assignment, however, because it was too close to the area where his son had been molested.  Meighan was then immediately assigned to St. Mary’s Villa Nursing Home until his removal from ministry.

At least 3 more complaints were made in 2003, 2007 and 2008.

Additional information regarding the widespread sexual abuse of children within the Catholic Dioceses of Pennsylvania and the systemic cover up by senior church officials is compiled in the Pennsylvania Diocese Victim’s Report published by the Pennsylvania Attorney General following a two-year grand jury investigation.  A complete copy of the Report is available on the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s website.