Catholic Priest

Paul E. Pindel

Ordained: 1951
Diocese: Diocese of Pittsburgh

From Report I of the 40th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:

In April 2012, the Diocese of Pittsburgh received an allegation from an adult male that Father Paul E. Pindel inappropriately touched him when he was between 13 and 15 years of age. This occurred from 1957 through 1960 in Allegheny County and Butler County.

The male reported that he and other boys would frequently go places with Pindel.  On one occasion, Pindel took him and his brother to the farm where Pindel’s sister lived. They spent the night there.  Pindel slept between him and his brother on a mattress on the floor and inappropriately touched him during the night.

The victim also stated that when Pindel would take him and other boys swimming in Slippery Rock, Pindel would pull their trunks down while in the water and then laugh as if was a funny prank.

The victim also recalled going to a drive-in with Pindel at which time Pindel performed oral sex on him. Even after Pindel was transferred, he would continue to go to the victim’s house, take the victim places and often give the victim money.

The victim recalled that after Pindel was transferred, he was taken to the new rectory.

He was then taken to Pindel’s bedroom where he became naked. The victim stated that this was the first time that Pindel placed the victim’s hand on his penis and it was the first time that Pindel attempted to have the victim touch him in a sexual way. That was the last time that he ever went back to the rectory or went anywhere else with Pindel.

The Diocese offered the victim assistance in finding counseling services.

In May, 2003, the Diocese received an allegation that Pindel engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with a minor who was an eighth grade student at St. William around the year 1965.  According to the victim, once he entered high school, Pindel had senior boys threaten and beat him up so that he would not disclose the prior sexual contact. According to the victim, he attempted several times to discuss what happened to him but was told it would never go anywhere because they would believe a priest over a boy. Later in life, the victim attempted to talk to another priest and was told that he should be ashamed of himself.

The Diocese received an allegation in February, 2002 regarding Pindel. It was alleged that Pindel engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with a minor who was a student in eighth or ninth grade at St. William.  This occurred in the 1960’s.  The victim advised that Pindel would often take boys to a farm that he owned. During a visit to the farm, the victim was given wine. Pindel then performed oral sex on him and “simulated anal intercourse.”

According to the victim, Pindel would also enter the locker room after a game while the boys were changing cloths.

The Diocese received an allegation in August, 2011 regarding Pindel. Specifically, it was reported that Pindel engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with a minor between the ages of six and nine that occurred between 1980 and 1984 in Washington County. The victim stated that the abuse began when he was six years old and attending CCD classes. He related that he would be pulled out of class by Pindel and taken to the rectory where he would be sexual assaulted. The victim was instructed by Pindel to put on a red robe and lay across the desk.  Pindel then inserted his fingers into the victim’s anus.  It was very painful.  The victim reported that eventually Pindel started using a number two pencil. This went on for three years. The victim advised that there was an usher who would watch the door so that no one would enter. The usher would also touch the victim inappropriately on occasion.  The Diocese offered the victim assistance in finding counseling services and provided reimbursement for treatment.

Additional information regarding the widespread sexual abuse of children within the Catholic Dioceses of Pennsylvania and the systemic cover up by senior church officials is compiled in the Pennsylvania Diocese Victim’s Report published by the Pennsylvania Attorney General following a two-year grand jury investigation.  A complete copy of the Report is available on the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s website.